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Reliable, dependable, extremely affordable and here to stay, HealthOffice® Enterprise makes it easy for School Nurses, School Nurse Supervisors, Special Education and Mental/Behavioral Health Professionals, and other Health Care Providers to quickly, accurately, and consistently record, detail and access every aspect of their student health services.  It also blends well with your SIS program to broaden the range of information available about each student.

Hosted on your own system, scrupulous privacy and protection from prying eyes are ensured. Currently being utilized by about 6,000 Healthcare Professionals across the country, HealthOffice® Enterprise has continually set the industry pace for fast and effective case management software.  Less time is spent on posting, paperwork and probing, and more time is spent on caring for the students.

 HealthOffice® Enterprise is written for Microsoft SQL and is designed to handle a district up to 2,000 schools and 1,000,000 students. FERPA and HIPAA Compliant, it can be customized to fit the specific needs of any School District or Governmental Agency that requires fast, flawless and feature-driven access to sensitive school records.  To learn more, click here.
This robust program features the following highlights:

Office Visits
Tracks an unlimited number of student HealthOffice visits, and automatically posts the number of Office Visits on the student’s record. The total number of visits each student has made to the health office is always displayed – their “Frequent Flyer” count

Accident Report
Included as part of the Office Visit component. HealthOffice’s Accident Report section is highly comprehensive and can be as detailed as the district desires. This information can be printed as an accident or incident report, as determined by the school district or the individual School Nurse. This includes time, date, location, student, teacher, event, accident, incident, etc

Customizable individual or global user templates to ensure consistency and quick data entry for common events. Templates provide standardized and uniform documentation for the same events across the school district. This provides integrity to the student’s health data and consistency in the reporting process

Complete Student Health History

Consolidates all information that a health care professional needs relating to a student. The student health records belong to the school district, stored on a central school district server and are customizable in the central data base and at the user site.

Items Scheduled
Displays all scheduled events to be administered for a day. Also displays at a glance all incomplete referrals that the district is waiting to be returned

Items Logged

Displays all completed events for a day, with a quick summary describing at a glance what actions were performed.

Flow Charts

Allows both Glucose tracking for diabetes and Peak Flow for asthma documentation, including 3 readings per each event and charting


Body Mass Index (BMI) automatic calculations
Charts and graphs the height, weight, and Body Mass Index (BMI) for individual students as well as reports for specific percentage

Care Plans

Offers the ability to have an infinite number of Individual Health Care plans. HealthOffice has complete IHP capability. These IHPs are customizable for any student condition. These Individual Health Care plans are part of the student’s permanent health history. These plans are in the HealthOffice software now, they exist, and schools are using these IHPs

State Specific Immunizations Information

Many state immunizations reporting requirements are in the HealthOffice program. Healthmaster does an annual review of state specific requirements for immunizations and makes appropriate changes in the immunization reporting that reflect state immunization requirements that HealthOffice uses to automatically report on series completion, the date completed, the date next dose is due, including rabies and all annual flu vaccinations. Every immunization series can be identified for state exempt requirements. Intervals between the last dose and the present dose are important parts of the student’s health evaluation.

Prenatal Visits

Provides the ability to document and track a student during their pregnancy.

Postpartum Visits

rovides the ability to document the final outcome a pregnancy with information such as Family Support, Living Arrangements, Student Status, etc.

Counseling Sessions

This feature enables Districts to document one-on-one sessions regarding whatever topics the District has designated. Adding a group of people allows a District to link right to an Educational Session

Educational Sessions

This feature enables Districts to document a session conducted for a group of people/students.


A real-time monitoring solution developed to pinpoint, identify, and analyze potential threats to the school districts before they become a crisis. This feature will e-mail individuals in your Health Department, etc. to notify them of a possible contagious disease outbreak before it turns into an epidemic.

Risk Management:
The Risk Management program contains all information relating to a Worker's Compensation Event. An event is created (based on a incident) and sent immediately to the Risk Management department.

Group Processing

HealthOffice has the ability to complete 19 different exams including Hearing, Vision, and Growth for height, weight, BMI. In addition, HealthOffice has the ability to print group letters which automatically attach to the student’s permanent record. The height, weight, and BMI are automatically graphed, and the BMI is automatically calculated (score and percentile) and graphed.

Interaction of Screenings

Scheduling reminders can be entered at any time, for any reason, for all appointments, including group screening reminders for absent students. All of these scheduled events automatically appear on the School Nurse’s daily schedule.

Data Entry

HealthOffice requires one time data entry for Office Visits, Prescriptions, and Medications, etc., not multiple entries for the same event. School Nurses tell Healthmaster that it takes them between 2 and 5 seconds to document a student’s health event. This ease of data entry saves School Nurses an enormous amount of time.


HealthOffice provides the School District with an unlimited number of detailed, summary, and statistical reports. These reports are incredibly easy to manipulate, by student, by class, by grade, by school nurse, by school, by region, by provider, by event, and by district

Report Results

HealthOffice enables School Districts to run as many reports as they want, as often as they want, and whenever they want. Reports can be run for a student, the entire school, or for all of the schools in the entire district. HealthOffice’s reporting capabilities are also valuable in tracking trends and tendencies, like biological and terrorist attacks (Anthrax), or Pandemic Bird Flu, or serious gastrointestinal viruses.

Audit Log

Healthmaster provides a key administrative feature in the HealthOffice Audit Log and Access Log. FERPA requires that school health software programs have both an Audit Log and an Access Log. The Access Log records data by student, by health care professional, by date, by event type, anyone who has viewed, modified, accessed, or attempted to access any event for any student as required by FERPA.

Medical Alerts

Emergency health records are on a concealed screen, not visible during office visit data entry to ensure privacy and FERPA compliancy

Ease of use

Easy to learn, do not have to be computer savvy, easy to navigate, pleasant screens to look at


Allows PRN or Scheduled medications to be monitored as well as units on hand to be kept track of and notification is given when the “Low Water Mark” is reached.

Special Problems/Special Needs

Diabetes, Peak Flow, Ostomy or Catheter Care, customization to district needs.

Customizable Letters and Referrals

Offers the ability to design and create an unlimited number of custom Form and Referral Letters for every event in the program as well as customizing each letter or referral with “Insert” fields for ease of use.

General, Personal, Private, Progress and SOAPIE Notes

Offer the ability to enter specific notes relating to activities. The Private Notes is completely private and password-protected.
medical documentation

Virtually unlimited, comprehensive reports

Accessible from anywhere, anytime, anyway.